Action (2049 Games)

The Last Stickman

You will play as The Last Stickman who fights for the good side. You w [...]


Shword is a very challenging platformer game in which you have to find [...]

Agent Max

Agent Max has to save the world, and it is your job to help him out. M [...]

Frustra Bit

Frustra Bit is a challenging maze game. Your objective is to get the f [...]

Hills in Dream

Hills in Dream is a fun run and jump skill game in which you will play [...]


TimeSpunkers is a fun, fast paced endless action platformer game in wh [...]

One Shot Exterminator

One Shot Exterminator is a simple yet very challenging platformer game [...]

I am the Ninja

I am the Ninja and I can handle any situation including what the peopl [...]

Hell is Full

All humans are dead and now their souls swarm the hell, but the proble [...]

Monster Catcher Team

Monster Catcher Team is a unique two players action-puzzle game in whi [...]

Alien Sky Invasion

Alien Sky Invasion is another dangerous space mission for you because [...]

Shadow Arts

Shadow Arts is an awesome and artistic adventure game in which you wil [...]

Angry vs Android

Angry vs Android is a 3D adventure game where you will play as the rob [...]

Woozy Waiter

Woozy Waiter is a challenging 3D skill game in which your job is to de [...]


Adaptor is a simple yet very challenging and frustrating platformer ga [...]

Tower Droids 2

In Tower Droids 2, the enemies want to take over your planet, and you [...]

Soccer Idle Simulator

Soccer Idle Simulator is a simple idle clicker game in which you will [...]

About Face

This game is About Face of the world. The world divided in two differe [...]

Clicker Troops

In Clicker Troops, your castle invaded by the darkness forces and ther [...]

World’s Hardest Game 4

World’s Hardest Game 4 is the newest of the most challenging and [...]

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